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Tivoli Model Three Bluetooth Clock Radio DAL9026 Due mid/late July.


With its unmatched sound quality, sensitive analog AM/FM tuner, easy-to-use Alarm and Sleep functions, and beautiful natural wood cabinet, the Tivoli Model Three Bluetooth Clock Radio a masterpiece of form and function.

"A choice for audiophiles who’ve a hankering for both the modern and the retro." (Baltic Outlook magazine)

Stream your music wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, or computer to the Model Three BT. Simply switch the Model Three BT to the Auxiliary position, pair and connect your device, and start streaming away. It’s also comforting to know the traditional Auxiliary input is still available for those devices without Bluetooth wireless technology.

Any clock radio can wake you up, but only Tivoli Audio’s new Model Three BT, already known as: ‘The sexiest clock radio you’ve ever seen’ (, does so simply, elegantly, and in high fidelity sound.

Dimensions: 101H x 212W x 127mm D

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