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Modest Vintage Player

"Form is temporary, class is permanent" - The MVP

The Modest Vintage Player caters for the discerning recreational sports dabbler with an eye for quality and class.

Inspired through a fascination in the history of sport and a passion for traditional sports and recreation from around the world The MVP set out to design and re-create vintage sporting masterpieces using the timeless materials of leather and wood with a touch of class.

All products are hand-made using the finest materials by dedicated craftsman creating elegant yet practical sporting weapons for you to showcase your skills on beaches, parks and backyards around the world. Traditional sporting accessories with vintage qualities, suited as much for practical use as they are perfect aesthetics for the mantelpiece or pool room.

Take your social sport and recreation heroics to the next level with The Modest Vintage Player.

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Modest Vintage Player
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Modest Vintage Player
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